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BMW E28 Five Series - Tourings

There was a time when BMW didn't make any estate cars. There had a been a popular three door 2002 touring but never a five door car. Third parties had made estate conversions of the E3 saloon but this was a very expensive car so few were transformed in this way. The E30 touring wasn't to come to the UK until 1988 and the E34 later still.

Mercedes had made tourings and they were popular cars with a bit more prestige than the large Volvos of the period. So it was only natural that some enterprising coach builders would consider an E28 touring to be a good prospect.

BMW E28 touring

Touring with 16" Remotec alloys.

BMW E28 touring

One must have somewhere for one's saddle.

BMW E28 touring

Intrusive tail lights, just like E30 touring.

Schultz from Korschbroichwere one of the coach builders who made an E28 touring. I believe 32 were produced in all and that a Mercedes tailgate was used. Roof rails were an optional extra. I've never seen one in person but I'm told the detail work can be below BMW standards. They certainly look superb from a distance though, it's a shame BMW didn't make one themselves.

Other companies also did conversions but likely in much smaller numbers. I'd be interested in more details on these and on the Schultz cars if anybody has them.

BMW E28 touring

Dutch touring with 14" Mahle alloys.

BMW E28 touring

German main dealer service car.