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BMW E28 Five Series - Optional Extras

It was amazing how little BMWs came with as standard in the 1980s. On something like a 520i there was no radio, floor mats, fog lamps or electric windows. If you did have electric windows they might still be manual in the back. A sunroof was optional (I think around 850 pounds!) but in practice few cars were sold without them. Aircon and cruise control were very rare even on a 535i.

BMW E28 early

Early style steel wheels and chrome hub caps.

BMW E28 525e

525e with later plastic hub caps.

BMW E28 front spoiler

Optional factory front spoiler and TRX alloys.

BMW E28 interior

Stock four spoke plastic steering wheel.

BMW E28 M-Tech 1 steering wheel

Onboard computer (OBC) and M-Tech 1 steering wheel.

BMW E28 leather seats

Non-sports leather with arm rest and leather steering wheel.

BMW E28 headlamp wash wipe

Headlamp wash wipe.

BMW E28 boot spoiler

Boot spoiler with body colour insert on my M535i.

BMW E28 sprts seats

Cloth sports seats on my M535i.

BMW E28 M5 leather dashboard

M5 leather dashboard and air conditioning.

BMW E28 electric seats

Electric seat controller.


Onboard computer (OBC) .

BMW E28 rear headrests

Rear headrest and sun blind in down position.

BMW E28 cruise control

Cruise control linkage and drive motor on a 525e.