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BMW E24 Six Series - Specials


Many european and American companies made their own convertibles based on the E24. The biggest problem they faced was that the car was never intended to go without a roof. The resulting loss of structural integrity would have required significant bracing to the chassis resulting a great deal of extra weight and more body flex. I can't imagine these cars handled terribly well.

Possibly the most sensible option was the Baur conversion. The company has a long history of making what call "top cabriolets" and their first project was the 2002. These cars retain the B pillar and as much of the roof structure as possible. They likely have better build quality than most of the full cabriolets too. Some of the hoods I've seen on conversions are just shockingly bad.

BMW E24 Baur cabriolet

A Baur spotted in Thailand.

BMW E24 ABC cabriolet

An American ABC cabriolet.

BMW E24 1978

1978 UK car.

BMW E24 early

Pre-facelift UK example.


Another American conversion.

BMW E24 cabriolet

European conversion with no rubbing strips.

Hallmark 635CSi

The Hallmark 633CSi was a pre-facelift UK special edition make in 1979 by TWR (Tom Walkinshaw Racing). In addition to ticking most of the boxes on the options list the car had customised silver ashtrays and detailing. It's possible an Alpina front spoiler was fitted to them all. All but one were automatics, the manual belonged to Derek Bell the racing driver.

A few of the fifty cars converted still exist. As the 635CSi had just come out this may have been an attempt to move some of the last UK 633CSi's out of the showrooms.

BMW E24 Hallmark edition

UK Hallmark special edition with Alpina spoiler.

BMW E24 leather interior

Luxurious leather interior with custom steering wheel.

The Observer Coupe

In the early 80s the UK Observer newspaper made their own version of the 635CSi as a publicity stunt. Presumably the car cost a very great deal of money as the work was quite extensive. The C pillars were redesigned, the roof changed completely and the boot line raised at the front. The car still exists and was offered for sale in the UK during 2015. Personally it's not to my taste.

BMW E24 Observer Coupe

The Observer Coupe.

BMW E24 Observer Coupe

Revised roof and C pillars.

Body Kits and Weird Sixes

BMW E24 633CSi back to the future

Butchered 633CSi from Back to the Future.

BMW E24 highline pickup

Highline pickup, nicely done!

BMW E24 Koenig body kit

Outlandish Koenig body kit.