My Favourite Non-BMWs

Picture a terrifying world, a world where God never got around to creating BMW! What's a Nerd like me going to drive instead?

Piccie Pros Cons Nearest
Fiat X1/9

Fiat X1/9

Handles well.

Looks great, poor mans Ferarri.

Rusts well too.

Under powered.

Z3 1.9
Lancia Stratos

Lancia Stratos

Looks incredible. Poor weight distribution. E26 M1
Toyota MR2 Mk.1

Toyota MR2

Looks great, very light, huge fun, good fuel economy.

There's even an M1 body kit available!

Mid mounted engine very hard to work on.

Poor luggage space.

Lancia Integrale
16 Valve

Lancia Integrale

Marvelous fun to drive.

Looks the business.

Left hand drive only. E30 M3
Lancia Beta
Spyder / Coupe / HPE

Lancia Beta

Looks great. Very environmentally friendly
(rusts back to nature quickly).
E21 320iS
Alfa Romeo
Sprint 1.7 Veloce

Alfa Romeo Sprint

Looks great.

Handles incredibly
(based on Alfasud).

Very unreliable (friend had a bad one).

Front wheel drive.

E30 318iS
Porsche 928

Porsche 928

Looks great, heaps of power. Never seen a manual one. M6 or 850CSi
Porsche 968

Porsche 968

Handles great. Not cheap. E36 M3
Audi Quattro
(old style)

Audi Quattro

Lovely interior.

Looks great.

Handles great.

Silly small boot.

Some mechanicals hard to get now.

E30 325iX
VW Scirocco

VS Scirocco

Looks great and uses Golf underpinnings. Front wheel drive. E36 318ti
Citroen CX Estate

Citroen CX Safari

Very different.

My first car was a GSA (hey I was a student OK!).

Very complex, a hydraulic nightmare.

Not for those with small wallets!

E34 525i
205 1.9 GTi

Peugeot 205 GTI

Great fun, silly power to weight ratio. Clutch not up to the job.

Front wheel drive.

E36 318ti
Imprezza Turbo

Subaru Imprezza

Great fun to drive. Interior sucks and it's Japanese. E30 325iX
Alvis Stalwart

Alvis Stalwart

If you want an off roader why settle for less?

Rolls Royce engine too!

Bit heavy on fuel.

Tyres expensive.

X5? Nah,
a bit small.