Who is this Nerd anyway?

So just who am I? Well I was born in Inverness a very long time ago. I moved to Aberdeen when I did a degree in Electronic and Information Engineering at Robert Gordon's University. After that I had a business in Inverness for a few years but then I came back to Aberdeen to work in the oil industry. One night I moved 1500kg of Unix workstations into the kitchen of my third floor flat, at that point I decided I needed a more suitable house so I moved to Aviemore in the Highlands.

I program Java/C++ for a living. I also buy and sell used workstations and work on old BMWs. I have my own brand called Strathspey Binoculars, you should buy a pair they're very good.

As you may have noticed I've very into BMWs, especially older models. But I also enjoy cycling, cross country skiing, annoying my cats and making curries. I'm lucky to have a lovely wife who also loves cats.


nerd on a Cannondale CAAD5

Yes, that is BMW branded cycle kit I'm wearing!