BMW's Mobile Tradition division have produced a CDROM (part no. 72 00 0 035 315) with part numbers and assembly drawings for classic BMWs. It sells for around $40 in the US. This is an invaluable source of information which covers the following models.

Early BMW motor bikes

501 saloons, 503/507 coupes

Early 600 and 700 series

Isetta bubble car



E3 2500-3.3Li

E9 2.5CS-3.0CSL

E12 five series

E21 three series

E23 seven series

E24 six series

E30 three series

Z1 convertible


The CD in the flesh!

The CD runs under Windoze or DOS. The DOS version is identical to the system I've seen dealer parts departments use. The CD contains price data but only if you install it carefully (NB: the CD adds UK VAT at 15% not 17.5%).

The user interface is good but not perfect, 7/10. It's great to see BMW producing something like this, a trend to be encouraged. Now go and order one......

If you have a look on ebay you may also find an up to date dealer CD covering 1974 to the present day. You can also find the Technical Information System (TIS) which covers debugging procedures amongst other things. The Electrical Test Manuals (ETMs) are great to have too.