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BMW E26 M1 Supercar


Back in the late 70's BMW was having a hard time in group four touring car racing. The 3.0CSL was getting old and a replacement was needed to show the Porsche 935 who was boss. It was thus decided to build the M1 using styling queues from the 1972 Turbo concept car. The M1 was always a heavy car and was sadly never very competitive, its looks go a long way to making up for this as a road car though.

This rarest of modern BMWs was manufactured from 1979-80 by Baur using an Italian made space frame chassis. The car was intended to be made by Lamborghini but industrial disputes and other problems forced a late change of plan.


Only one road going version of the M1 was produced. Several racing versions exist with power outputs of up to 850bhp.All of the 456 M1's built were left hand drive except two. One RHD model recently turned up at Munich Legends with only 8000 miles.

There were kit car copies, I believe one was based on the Matra Simca Bagheera three seater. If the tail ights look familiar it's because they're from an E24 six series>.

BMW E26 M1 Supercar

The rare and desirable M1, you'd better startsaving!

BMW E26 M1 Supercar

The M1 was born to go racing for BMW.

BMW E26 M1 Supercar

The view other drivers see most.

BMW Trubo concept car

BMW Turbo, the concept car behind the M1.


The M1 was powered by a 277bhp development of the M30 straight six 3.5 litre engine. The engine utilised a 24 valve head and developed 239 ft/lb or torque at 5000rpm and was designated the M88. The powerplant used mechanical fuel injection.and was later to find its way into the E24 M635CSi, gaining 9bhp and electronic fuel injection along the way.

Model Body styles Engine Produced
Power / Weight
(bhp / 1000kg)
Final drive ratio
(manual / auto)
M1 Coupe S38 1979-1980 1300 213 4.22 Disc/Disc


See the engine details page for power figures and engine pictures.

Known Problems

I believe there is some kind of problem with oil filters on this rare vehicle. As I'd have to sell my house in order to buy one I imagine I'll never find out though.

The other big problem is that I don't have one!