BMW E36 Modifications - Heated Washer Jets

Upgrading to heated washer jets is more complex than the I thought. I spent a happy two hours one Sunday morning "learning" about my E36!

Firstly you will need parts 61 66 9 401 941 and 61 12 9 401 855, one is the heated jets and the other the wiring harness. They cost 72 GBP inc. VAT from the local BMW stealer, I mean dealer.

Removing the bonnet lining and installing the jets was simple. The only problem is that my existing washers had one water inlet and non-return valve, the new washers had two inlets (I seem to remember somebody stating this changed during the E36 life). I had to plug one of the inlets with a small screw to stop screen wash coming out of it. The instructions, which aren't bad, seemed to indicate only one inlet, hmmm.

Next step is to make a 40mm hole in the brake duct and insert a thermostatic control switch. Not a problem.

The most awkward bit was removing the top of the fuse box to crimp the 12V supply in place (it joins at fuse 24 which also supplies the mirror motors). In order to get at the rear inner screw holding the fuse box I had to remove the battery and the DME cover, this took a while. Note that you need a six sided Torx screwdriver to remove the fuse box lid.

The design of the fuse box just isn't up to normal BMW standards. It's a real mess in there and the screws are thoughtlessly positioned. "D-" to the guys in Munich for this one!

I'm glad I did it as I learnt more about my car. The more I do to this car the more I like it but without the BMW Digest I'd never have the confidence.

How well do they work? I find that once I've cleared the snow off the windows the jets are unfrozen and stay that way. I can now get rid of the gunk others cars throw up on my windscreen in cold mornings.