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BMW E30 Three Series - Optional Extras

E30s came with almost no standard equipment in the UK or europe although things were a little better in the USA. Standard cars came with no sunroof, manual windows, no fog lights, plastic steering wheel and steel wheels. Even a stereo was an expensive option, at least 300 pound which is much more in today's terms. Extras could add a large sum to the final price tag and a fully loaded car could cost almost a third more than a basic one.

BMW e30 M-Tech 1 body kit

M-Tech 1 body kit.

BMW e30 M-Tech 1 body kit

M-Tech 1 body kit.

BMW e30 M-Tech 2 body kit

M-Tech 2 body kit and headlamp wash wipe

BMW e30 M-Tech 2 body kit

M-Tech 2 body kit.

BMW e30 lux

Shadowline trim, 14" cross spokes, boot spoiler, tow bar.

BMW e30 sun blind

Electrically operated rear sun blind.

BMW e30 rear head rests

Rear head rests and centre arm rest, hinged rear windows.

BMW e30 sunroof

Manual sunroof winder handle.

BMW e30 rear view mirror view map reading lights

Rear view mirror view map reading lights.

BMW e30 6 button obc

Six button clock and temperature display.

BMW e30 leather sports seats

Leather sports seats.

BMW e30 Automatic transmission

Automatic transmission with EH S/E/1-2-3 sport switch.

BMW e30 fire extinguisher

Fire extinguisher on driver's seat.

BMW e30 M-Tech 2 steering wheel

M-Tech 2 steering wheel and cruise control.

BMW e30 hinged rear windows

Hinged rear windows (does anyone have a better photo?).

BMW e30 tool kit

Tool kit, this was a tool roll on the touring.

BMW e30 Long range fuel tank

Long range fuel tank, fits at rear of boot.

BMW e30 15 inch cross spoke alloys

15 inch cross spoke alloys.

BMW e30 14 inch bottle top alloys

14 inch bottle top alloys.

BMW e30 16 inch alpina wheels

Very rare 16" Alpina wheels.

BMW e30 steel wheels

Steel wheels without hub caps.