Future BMWs

The BMW Turbo

BMW Turbo concept car Wow, what a great looking BMW. When is it coming out you ask? Well a handful were made, but in 1972!

The experimental Turbo used 2002 Turbo mechanicals with a mid mounted transverse engine and four speed gearbox. The car had a very radical interior and gull wing doors.

Advanced features included radar warning of cars too close in front, side impact protection and extensive electronics for the time. In many ways the Turbo was the car which created the idea for the BMW M1.

A car ahead of its time to say the least.

The E1 Electric Car

BMW E1 electric carIt's not really an electric car, it's actually designed to be powered by a variety of engines and is a technology prototype.

The Z13 (below) looks better and is more radical but I suspect any forthcoming small BMW will look more like the E1.

The Z13- A Modern Isetta?

BMW Z13This is a proposed BMW which is very interesting indeed. It is very lightweight and uses a rear mounted 1400cc motorbike engine lying flat to save space. Named the Z13 this prototype would have a top speed of around 100mph but acceleration should be quite jolly.

It will be very fuel efficient and can seat three people with the driver in the centre. Perhaps this is the ultimate poor mans McLaren F1? It may also have a continuously variable transmission, hopefully a proper manual version will be available for enthusiasts.

Electric and other new power sources may also be possible in this vehicle.

Nazca V12

BMW Nazca M12This design concept car is the Navca V12. Alas it was only a prototype made by Ital Design.

It used the engine from an 850i and was first spotted in March 1991 at the Geneva motor show. Perhaps it would have been too close to the McLaren F1 for comfort?

The Z8

BMW Z07 Z8 prototypeThis was the prototype for the Z8, expect a Z8 page on the site soon!

New 2002

BMW two seriesYes, it's true! BMW will build a new 2002 with a target weight of only 1050kg. It will have retro styling with round headlights and slightly flared wheel arches. Expect a two litre four cylinder engine, maybe with a turbo! The car will emerge in 2003 oddly enough.

The E63 6 Series Coupe

BMW six series conceptAt long last, a proper replacement for the E24 six series! This Coupe has no firm production deadline but is almost certain to get to market. This will be a more affordable alternative to the 8 series and will have a variety of engine options. It should regain the large sports coupe market from Mercedes that BMW lost when they didn't replace the six series.

I'm not too keen on the front end or the wheels in this photo but we'll have to wait for the production model to decide for sure. Side views I've seen of later prototypes look awesome.

New Mid Engine Coupe, the M10?

BMW M10 concept car

This new coupe is the spiritual successor to the BMW M1 super car. It is rumoured to use the E46 floorpan and a six cylinder engine, likely the same as the new M3. Taking their design from the Z1 Roadster the bottom half of the door drops into the body whilst the top half is a gull wing, Price may be around $75,000 and no I don't know when it's coming out or how likely it is to reach production. BMW need a car like this.