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two red BMW E30 318iS


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After far too many years I've finally started to update this site again. We have a new look and new content will be added on an almost daily basis. I propose detailed pages for every engine type since the '60s M10 and pages for all newer car models up to the present. Existing pages will all be updated. I promise, it'll have been worth the wait. Your ideas for content are very welcome.


I am a true BMW addict. For me no other car combines the build quality, handling and style of a BMW. Until you've driven a well set up rear wheel drive car you don't know what you're missing. Why not follow a few of the links below.


Mini-Sites for Each Model

Up to a dozen pages of details, buyer's guides and pictures for a single model. Eventually this will cover all models but for now we have :

E24 635CSi classic six series

E28 five series from the 1980s

E30 three series the 80's legend including the M3

E36 three series from 1991 to 1999.

E46 three series a dozen pages covering cars from 1998 to 2006.

E36/7 Z3 Roadster and Coupe, one of my favourite bargains.


Help with Buying

Buyers guide How to buy the right BMW.

Petrol vs Diesel Which suits you best?

Best Value BMWs Buy a bargain.

Insurance UK insurance group ratings.

CO2 tables CO2 Figures and taxes.



Engines A page for every engine!

Engine Problems Common engine problems.

Transmissions Automatic and manual gearboxes, differentials etc.

Brakes The different types of BMW braking systems.

Steering & Suspension Keeping your BMW straight and level.

Wheels & Tyres Wheel types, tyre sizes and types.

xDrive Four wheel drive and winter driving.

Mods & tips Improvements & fixes.

Gearing Calculator Nerdy Javascript gearing utility.

Parts CDROM Parts for classic BMWs.

Abbreviations Common BMW acronyms.


History & Models

History Pre-1960 BMWs.

Model range Detailed info on all BMWs.

E & M numbers What are they? What's yours?

History of BMW Engines How the various engine families have evolved.

Alpina After market tuner.

USA Differences Things aren't the same in the US.

The Lost V's 1970's V8 & V12.

Growing pains How the 3 Series gained weight and size.



My own BMWs. Cars I've owned.

Purity Test How big a BMW Nerd are you?

Future BMWs What's next from Munich.

Non BMWs Other cars a Nerd could drive.

Resources. Handy sites & suppliers.

BMW isn't perfect Improving the marque.

Who is this Nerd? Boring stuff about me.



The Message Board is back online!


BMW 635CSi 1985 with Alpina wheels


I'd really like your feedback about what you've found useful or would like to see added to these pages.

Some of the pictures on this site were taken in the 1990s with a very early digital camera, sorry for the quality.


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